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The Thomas & Thomas Paradigm fly rod is a marvel created specifically for dry fly fishing. Both at short and medium distance, every cast succeeds and sits – although the route of course does not yet create this by itself. At least as important is a well-functioning combination of personal casting technique, a good reel and suitable line. The rod manufacturer Thomas & Thomas brings – except for the casting technique – true treasures to the market.




Produkttest Thomas & Thomas
The rod tube is very robust


The Thomas & Thomas Paradigm we have tested here is the 3rd generation of this rod. Visually a true marvel. Our rating, what we have paid attention to you can see above this article.


Now the Paradigm from Thomas & Thomas is to be taken under the magnifying glass – we have taken a closer look and tested the class 4. The rod stands out already below by a high-class maple spool holder. The anodized aluminum frame fits perfectly with the rest of the look of the rod. 

The carbon fiber blank is made by Thomas & Thomas patented technology and shines in a visually appealing glossy blue.

The cigar handle made of cork with the final aluminum ring is in no way inferior to this. The Thomas & Thomas Paradigm has REC entry rings, which are made of a specially hardened steel. Each rod is sent on its journey with a high-quality Futerstrahl and a rod tube made of aluminum. 

Both on the tube and on the rod itself, Thomas & Thomas bring the charm of their traditional rod manufactory. The rods are still handmade and the logo, as well as the serial number still specially and personally painted on.

Produkttest Thomas & Thomas
Here you can see the blue gloss finish of the rod.

Rod action

The action of the Paradigm is classified between soft and medium hard. The feeling when casting is ingenious. Whether medium or long, light or heavy casts, the rod always makes a good figure. In the tests was Orvis Battlekill II and a Orvis Superfine Floating line used. 

The presentation of the various insect patterns was child’s play and almost too perfect. It also cuts a fine figure when nymph fishing, with very heavy imitations. 

Only when fishing with a light streamer class 4 is not necessarily suitable. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the Paradigm is available as class 6 with a Fighting Butt, which makes long casts with heavy streamers and a sinking line no problem.

Drill on fish

The fish at the drill make mega fun. The rod bends properly in this class and the contact with the fish is always present, even if the fish pulls long alignments. Even long casts to fish that are very hidden under trees, the rod masters without problems. Especially there you can always put the fly perfectly in scene. Here is a small view of our prey with this beautiful Thomas & Thomas rod.

Produkttest Thomas & Thomas
Auch zum Nymphen oder Streamerfischen eignent sich die Rute


The rod is a real dream for dry fly fishing! The rod can be put down precisely even with long casts and the presentation succeeds flawlessly. The drill on the fish is very good. Only the price of just under 900, – euros is a small (or large) drop of melancholy. However, it should not be forgotten that this rod is still assembled by hand. Who the price does not deter, gets with the product of Thomas & Thomas a true experience guaranteed.

In this sense, Tight Lines! – Your Flyfishingcrew Bavaria

Info about the company

The company Thomas & Thomas was founded in 1969 by the two legendary rod builders Tom Dorsey and Tom Maxwell, hence the obvious name. From the beginning, the quality of materials and workmanship have been at the forefront of the two.

To this day, the rods embody traditional design, coupled with the latest technology. Especially the precise coordination of the individual parts and components, which is so essential for a functioning rod, is particularly emphasized.

The Thomas & Thomas rod Paradigm existed – at that time still under the name Paradigm Graphite Series – already 20 years ago. And even then, the rod series was known and universally loved in the dry fly fishing scene for its precise casts, classic design and high-quality craftsmanship. The Paradigm Bamboo rods, a marvel of craftsmanship back then, are now highly sought-after collector’s items. Today, bamboo woods are no longer used in the rods, but state-of-the-art carbon fiber blanks and resins.