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Outdoor brand Patagonia has written on the flag to develop a dive-proof waist bag for fly fishing. The result is something to be proud of! The result is a practical waterproof hip bag with an incredible amount of storage space – a true space miracle which comes with every fly session on the water. Since we got our fingers on this product, we’ve been putting the Patagonia Guidewater Hip Pack through its paces. A special thanks goes out to dear Markus from Zefix-Flyfishing, who provided us with this great product. Below we share a few of our impressions with you.




Produkttest - Hip Pack
The integrated Kerscherhalter is really ingenious!


Already when unpacking and touching the hip-pack for the first time, the high-quality workmanship of the product is noticeable. Unnecessary seams are completely dispensed with. The most vulnerable point of most hip-packs – the zipper – is completely welded in by Patagonia. As a result, a known weak point is completely eliminated. In addition, the zipper is extremely high quality, not a drop of water can penetrate through it. The PU coated fabric, reminiscent of a truck tarpaulin, provides waterproofing and high abrasion resistance. The processed material is reminiscent of the Stormfront backpack series from Patagonia, which enjoys high reputation in the fly fishing community.

Produkttest - Hip Pack
No unnecessary seams are used

The predecessor

With the Guidewater series, the Hip Pack was revised. Also the predecessor, with the sonorous name “Stormsurge” is not unknown and enjoys great popularity in the fly fishing scene. Through its modern design and its large capacity, the organizational talent with its new design, however, convinces a little more.

The Guidewater Series

The Guidewater series impresses with lush 9 liters of space. This means that you can easily do without a backpack. Everything important, such as snack, drink or cold beer, fly boxes, leaders, etc. can be stowed. Valuables can be stowed in the add-on bag. In addition, the add-on bag can also be attached outside. This allows quick access, but you lose the main feature: the waterproofness. Quite a few tabs also allow you to attach pliers, leader spool holder, etc.
At the bottom of the bag there are 2 detachable tabs to attach a rod tube.
The Guidewater Hip Pack is IPX-7 rated.
With the IPX-7 rating of the Gudiewater Hip Pack, full submersion of the bag is an easy task and the inside remains dust-dry. (IPX7 = 30 minutes/ one meter depth under water).In addition, a convenient strap, which is stretched over the shoulder, provides a comfortable carrying experience. Depending on your preference, the strap can be removed.

Produkttest - Hip Pack
A real miracle of space!

Patagonia and the idea of sustainability

Since the sustainability idea is of course also very close to our hearts as fly fishers, we are very pleased that Patagonia has developed this great product. Patagonia has established itself over the years as a company with a great sustainability mindset. This is evident in their products and the materials they use. The Guidewater Hip Pack is 100% fair trade certified. The fabric is 100% recycled nylon and polyester.
This makes Patagonia appeal to us environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts and fly fishers, and puts them at the forefront of the outdoor apparel industry.

Produkttest - Hip Pack
The design is worth seeing

Experience on the water

Right at the start of the season, the Hip Pack went with us to the water. Car keys, wallet and fishing license were safely stowed inside and, above all, waterproof. This also turned out to be extremely important. When descending to the shore it happened: one wrong step and I landed in the water. I could not have imagined a better endurance test. A quick look inside the Hip Pack confirmed the previously gained good impression of Patagonia quality: all things stayed dry.
After the rather difficult entry into the water, however, the fishing went particularly well. Some trout went to me to the tape. Also during the drill and the landing of the fish, the Patagonia Guidewater hip bag shows its strengths, because there is also an integrated slot for the landing net on the bag. With easy access and insertion of the landing net, the Patagonia bag makes for an easy time on the water. Towards the end of the day and the end of the first product test, a first conclusion could also be drawn: a great product that you can rely on, especially when something unexpected happens, like an unexpected swim. A small minus point, however, is the fact that when using a vest and the hip pack accessibility to the hip pocket suffers somewhat.

Produkttest - Hip Pack
The Hippack was put through its paces


We from the Flyfishingcrew Bavaria are fully convinced of this product and can recommend it with a clear conscience. For “Bavarian Locals” we also recommend to visit the Zefix Flyfishing Shop of Markus Müller in Munich. Besides his great products, he always finds time for a nice chat.

Tight lines and dry valuables wish you your Flyfishing Crew Bavaria!