Fly tying – pike streamer


Fly tying – pike streamer Fly tying – pike streamer in 10 steps Materials list Hook: 6/0 Binder Silk: 150 Den. 0-1 White Glue Dubbing: Duckfibers Tan 3D Eyes Gold 5,2 mm Flash: Gold, Copper tones Fliegenbinden – Step by Step Before we start the first basic winding. We put a drop of super glue […]

Patagonia Hip Pack

Produkttest - Hip Pack

Patagonia Hip Pack 4.4/5  4.4/5 Gesamtbewertung Workmanship  4/5 Appearance  4/5 Empty weight  5/5 Size  5/5 Waterproof  4.5/5 Price  4/5 Wearable  4.5/5 Read More Buy Here Outdoor brand Patagonia has written on the flag to develop a dive-proof waist bag for fly fishing. The result is something to […]

Target fish – Pike

Zielfisch Hecht Simon mit Hecht

Target fish – Pike Table of Contents General Not all fly fishers have the means or the financial resources to pursue their passion on expensive waters or waters far from home. A good alternative is fly fishing for non-salmonids, which is often possible on local waters. In addition to target fish such as aitel, carp, […]

Product Review – YETI Panga

Produkttest Yeti Panga

Yeti Panga Product Review 4.5/5  4.5/5 Overall Score Workmanship  5/5 Appearance  5/5 Empty weight  4/5 Size  3.5/5 Waterproof  5/5 Price  5/5 Wearable  4/5 Read More Buy Here You are looking for a simple, thoroughly waterproof and high-quality processed backpack that will be a faithful companion in various […]

Fly tying – Peakock nymph in 8 steps

Fliegenbinden - Peakock Nymphe

Fly Tying – Peakock Nymph Fliegenbinden – Peakock Nymphe in 8 Schritte Materialliste Bronze head or gold head Red tie silk Hook size 12 or 10 Lead wire 0.15 mm Green or black biots 3 fibers peacock feather Backup varnish Fly Tying – Step by Step The first step is to apply the base winding. […]

Which fly rod should I buy?

Fliegenruten Test - Guadeloupe

Flyfishing – Which fly rod should I Buy? All beginnings are difficult. That’s the way it is with every hobby you want to start. Be it a hobby like hunting, road biking or even skiing or snowboarding. The question always arises, what do I need? For example, which rifle do I need when practicing hunting? […]

Thomas & Thomas Paradigm Fly Rod

Produkttest Thomas & Thomas

Thomas & Thomas Paradigm Fliegenrute​ Produkttest 4.2/5  4.4/5 Gesamtbewertung Workmanship  5/5 Rutenaktion  4/5 In Aktion  4/5 Wurfdistanz  4/5 Preis  4/5 Read More Buy Here The Thomas & Thomas Paradigm fly rod is a marvel created specifically for dry fly fishing. Both at short and medium distance, every cast succeeds […]

Slovenia – 2020

Slowenien 2020

Journey Also this year the annual Slovenia vacation was on the agenda. However, the entry became more complicated due to the corona virus. We could only enter the country via the Karavanke tunnel, as Italy was under strict entry conditions. So the journey was extended from the usual 5 hours to a strenuous 8 hours. […]

Fly Tying – Pheasant Tail Nymph in 12 Steps


Fly Tying – Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Tying – Pheasant Tail Nymph in 12 Steps Material list hook: Straight thigh, size 14 thread: 8/0 gray Lead wire: 0.15 mm smiles: Pheasant feather ribbing: Gold wire head: Gold head Fly Tying – Step by Step The first step in the Pheasant Tail Nymph is to put […]

Fly Tying – Deer Hair Sedge in 4 Steps


Fly Tying – Deer Hair Sedge Fly Tying – Deer Hair Sedge in 4 Steps Materials list Hook: size 12 straight leg Thread: 8/0 Yellow or Tan Smiles: deer hair Dubbing: Bunny Grey Fliegenbinden – Step by Step First, the hoe of the deer hair sedge is clamped and tied with a yellow binding silk […]